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The new force from the Far East
Said Jon Passini, director of sales and also advertising and marketing at Sampo Electronics: "I think those companies that see us as another Japan are also paranoid."

It has been explained by some onlookers that the charge of extra levies on the Oriental and Taiwanese-made color collections will only increase these firms drives to participate higher up in the line where there is no home market. It has likewise been assumed that the Commerce Department decision could also set off a stepped up drive to set up the goods in the USA, making use of imported components.

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Bob Branscombe, vice president of sales and advertising and marketing for Korean-based Samsung, presumes the new brands will certainly go higher up in the TELEVISION line, "with the hightech things, where (the conventional brand names) make their margins."

Daigneault of Sharp believes this will be simply the situation. "It will certainly approach to greater rates," he stated. "Were already seeing it in microwave in the pushbutton panel devices. J.C. Pennys $299 device is made in Korea, as an example. Theyre a long way from luxurious, though."

Regarding diversity of the Korean as well as Taiwanese companies, Samsungs Branscombe adds: "Maybe the Commerce choice will accelerate our move in various other locations," pointing to audio and telecommunications. Video cassette recorders this loss

But the one area that has actually obtained the most attention is these business engagement in the video cassette recorder area.

Officially, Oriental- as well as Taiwan-based firms have been disallowed from selling VCRs in the United States till March of 1985 when many licensing limitations expire. However, it is stated that some firms are renegotiating their contracts and also a variety of these new brand names will have systems on the market by this loss. Currently, Tatung, for instance, is marketing its own Video Cassette Recorder in restricted markets in the USA.

" In VCRs, Taiwanese and Korean products are something to view, particularly because of the lack of Japanese goods," said Dan Davidson, vice president and also local merchandise manager at The Broadway.

The reason for the eager rate of interest, some say, is due to the fact that Video Cassette Recorder is just one of the strongest growth areas in customer electronics, yet it is one where there is currently a few of the sharpest rate erosion-- even without the damaging of the Korean and also Taiwanese tags.

Shrugs one vendor: "When they can be found in itll be murder."

Retailing professional Eugene Mondry of Highland Appliance observes that "the influx of Korean and also Taiwanese vendors has increased in mobile Televisions, portable audio as well as microwave, as well as the result has been to require prices down. I believe it will certainly proceed. When they bring Video cassette recorders into this nation eventually, I suppose it will certainly have the same effect on the product."

Today, the audio components and systems service has not actually felt the increase of the new brand names, however it is one where it, also, s anticipated. It has actually been observed by lots of that the Oriental and Taiwanese are not much of a variable below since they look for grips with hot categores, such as video clip, as they established distribution networks.

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In sound, it is presently auto stereo that is feeling the impact, partcularly on the really reduced end.

In the past 6 to nine months, the "bottom has actually dropped out of the autosound market," said Pacific stereo purchaser, Denis Reagan, mentioning the influx of Korean and Taiwanese vendors as the reason.

To a guy, industry members agree that costs have actually deteriorated throughout that time by at least 10 percent for in-dash radio cassette players as well as continuously show indications of going down.

Conventional low-end to middle vendors are starting to react to the rate competition. Clarion, for example, recently cut prices on its equalizer-booster line, while Audiovox dropped the rate of its leader radio cassettes.

cIt has actually injured us from a real low-end point ofview," stated a Clarion agent, in reference to the new age of imported products.

" The dealerships use the imports as their $69-all-installed advertised special. An individual could get an item for $25 to $35 wholesale, a mark it up 3 times and put some inexpensive speakers with it to sell for $89," he said. "I do not see it stopping, I have no idea just how low they could go."

The automobile audio speaker section s likewise hard hit, specifically in low end 6-by-9 three-way devices, providers stated. "You can discover 6-by-9 three-way systems for $9 or $12 wholesale that state 200 watts on the box and the tweeters and also midrange do not function," claimed one importer echoing many other industry members.

" Six months ago the price had to do with 40 percent greater," he added. Doing exactly what Japanese did

In audio, claims one Japanese executive, "I recognize theyre thinking about can be found in. Simply look at exactly what theyre doing. For the past Ten Years, the Koreans have taken the stategy of accumulating the same way the Japanese did."

One Oriental firm set to boost its visibility in home sound is Sherwood. Claims Chuck Harper, national sales manager, "Were going to widen our whole spectrum in sound, getting involved in CD players, tabletop midi systems, full-size systems as well as portables."

Branscombe of Samsung plans to have audio products in the USA by early 1985.

On seller preparation for the next wave of Oriental and Taiwanese products is Tech Hifis Bob Hewitt. "Look, today theyre concentrating on the basics, getting the basic style and also understanding of the marketplace. I think when the marketplace stabilizes, as it has from excess, well see a larger share of Oriental as well as Taiwanese products in audio.

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" We were one of the initial chains to use Japanese equipment in the late 1960s. It was our impression that the overseas equipment provided top quality and also much better price-performance. Now were involved with the Koreans, and also were discovering that their price-performance is sharper than Japans.".


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